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Saturday, May 17th, 2008
1:53 pm

4th May 2005

2:36pm: Night, street, lighter, kindergarden...:)
Night, street, lighter, kindergarden... That was the order of things happening last night...
Absolutely sponayaneously we agreed to go in left building somewhere on Sokol. i had 3 hours to reach home, pack and go to Sokol. I putten on camouflage dropped staff in bag, I understood then torch disappearedand i urgently need to buy new one or to go with candle:)) Bought one and run to subway...
We met on Sokol and went alking to the left buitding which was in fact left kindergarden :)) Very dustuy place with tonns of left toys, bookks and furniture left on floor. We fount notebook with someone's love letters, which was written wery wierdly on bad russian with many mistakes. there was also very scary draw with a word Mocba written...((
Incredible view was 2 meters high mount nade by kids chairs and 2 winter shoes staying close to there... Abstractionism:)) In ither underground room there were big street kid's games and many kid's warderopes... When i was kid i had one like that blue with fishes...
Looking on the way it is build hose look not so old. Look well saved without any signs of breakage...
Discovered ventilation around and other holes and tried to enter one... There were people who didnt dsee us then we had to leave...Decided to come back a bit after...
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Thursday, May 1st, 2008
11:30 pm



3rd May 2005

1:52pm: When the tea is over:))
WHen the tea is over in thermos, it becomes ery cold. Cold, as known, is well connected with sleeping process:))
Wish to t in time and in wrong place. However Kolomensky pars at 10 pm is not the best place to spend night especiall...
By the way i had a thought... I have neoprene carpet, warm jacket, minitent, Chocolate bar, and 20 roubles to drink tea inmorning... Why not then?
WHy yes? And i turned to subway...

I fell asleep at home on sofe without undressing... The dream was wierd:

I dreamed then i am digger which is not very far away from truth:) i walk in underground secret system Metro-3, searcheing for stolen my national security agents diving instrustor (I not gonna tell his name:)). ANd my task is to return him in Diving Center befoer Rescue course starts... Someghow my future was dependidng on that... Metro-3 wierdly looked like Syany(cave sustem), Red and Sonika:)) Bu the way i met my grandmom, who really wanted to join me, but couldnt fit in little cave gate, cause she was too fat. Then she have taken mini trolley and left... I reloaded stone gate and entered huge triangle room with pool, where my instructor was swimming in wierd suit(like SAS:)) I removed him from pool and made CPR. Agents ariiven to me and told then i passed mission sucesfulluand search and rescue exam is passed.
THen i told then pool could be good for OWD lessons, but earth started to shake and pool become full of stones, room exit and coule of agents. They told then i Treachered my country and they tried to destroy me . LIkely i had mortar...

THen i woke up and found big cut of tea close to bed... THanks for brother.
Current Mood: thankful
1:25 am

2nd May 2005

10:59am: 1 may
(there is Russian word play)
World proletaries, Go together, God For!
Current Mood: crazy
1:23 am
1:11 am
8:07pm: Ohh...
Time to learn to lie! Or not to tell all truth - no matter... Niet, i am like that, Conscience does not allow to lie or even to hide! It allow me to cross the law every day, but to lie - niet, that is unreal:(( Tired i am with my idealism, then all should be perfect!
It cost nothing to keep words inside, not to answer that stupid question?! EASY, couple of words, just a game... Niet! I pushed me to tell. All as it is...
I made good person sad. Very, Ochen... But didnt lie...

I wish to know where the Conscience is, I would cut it out...(((

PS: You start to think - here it is amazing day, but niet, i find a way to destroy it...
I know it will pass but sad now. MY Calmness resources are over limit, hae to eb carefull not to kick someboy...:(((
Current Mood: worried
12:58 am

5:53pm: Is that world real?
Half a nigh i was walking on shore of Moscow river enjoying all around... Night, Dense, cold, highlited with thin bright light stripes, calm, but full of music, SMell of water mixed in it, ground smell, rude oil and milk aroma...And i was wealking slowly thinking to go home or to catch sunrise where he dosent expect to be seen... Somwthing was missing...

Half a day i was riding tramways, writing SMSes, destroying tasty food. Interesting deal to travel by tramway not choosing a trip... One more time exiting the tramway i realised then i am nearly at the entrance of Red Proletary factory... All roads go to work...:)) Hmmmm. Catched a feeling of calmness, satisfaction and a bit of fatality...
Walked around cathedral... Silent, amazingly SIlent...And the bells started to ring!! Unexpectedly, Bright, happy, same time hormonique... Impressive! No name feeling...

People were there too... Not a lot but everywhere... Good ones, All different, but anyway all like relative ones... That is my way to adsorb reality today... I look in people, trying to catch something... The all were so nice and i ejoyed the day a loy...

Imprersive time...

12:43 am

I gonna walk till laitest train:)
Will climb very high to shout then LIFE IS AMAZING!
On 9th of may i will buy lots of flowers to present for people on streets:))

Heh, I didnt have SUCH a good mood for a while!!!(by the way that is my main real mood:))))
Current Mood: happy
Current Music: I go walking across Moscow!!!
12:25 am

8:58pm:Was written time ago ...:)I found that in my notebok. Happend sometimes:

I gonna walk on water line
To compare elements, plots
To look on immigrating dreams
How do they get shapes and portraits

To the roof of my home, just the side
Where air takes all the space...
There is heaven for ones who have wings
But issn't safe for ones who dont have

And if i have? But only half a wing,
Will half of sky be putten in my hands?
Half of the time, half life, half of heat?
Half hapiness, half sadness, half an answer?

No sense in space if you dont have a time
All's over and no reason to wait answer...
Question isn't asked, then is answer necessary?
But they don't move... Why did you shout your mouth?!

I will fall on atoms in between people,
I let each one a pice of me...
Their sadness will drawn in me,
Because i try to give them at leaset a moment of silence...
Current Mood: Hmmm...
Wednesday, April 30th, 2008
9:16 pm

30th April 2005

8:30pm: Rubber time and half time activity...
Strange... Today i managed all what was planned for 4 days...today i was sweating a lot\pores were dirty
1. i packed my camping bag,  was surprised to realise then  no one aluminium sick, no one strap, no one pocket was lost, broken or damaged...
Sleeping bag also, which is strange, was on place and okay,(i even slept in it for half an hour:)) ZIP and KLMN are on the bottom of bivuak and are abs fine too... All the rest was in the same no disturbed position. that is good but very wierd:))
2. I painted mini warderobe and 3 magasine-holders. Now i have one abstract picture of the world, black water with hiden fish, Je;;yfish and circle of fish family:))) I was excited by watching on them and bought few brushes today:))
3. I rollerbladed for 10 years in advance. From 5 am till all my lithol(rollerblade oil) boiled away:)) Not used to start a day at such a time:))
4. Agreed with friend of mine then he will repair my sinthesator (I wasnt brave enough to go inside myself:)
5. I didnt choose the particular wetsuit yet but will decide on place afer advices of collegues-professionals.
6. I filled 3 standard street containers with rubbish:)) Cool!!
7. And, Yeah! DA, i did it! From run (As it is possible with fins:)) i fished in friendly(but very cold) waters of lake, where is forbidden to swim:)) I feel good:)) Like if i have jumped in "Youth Bath"(which is in Big Canyon, Ukraine) jumped:)))
ANd all that in one day!!
By the way i managed to buy little ceramic teapot for tea ceremony loking likt flowered wood, 2 types of tea, which, honestly, doesnt fit, to wash that teapot:(( Bought two brushes, Easter cake and new swinnimg glasses.
Also i had 2 meetings, passed by office(where they didnt want to allow me to enter:)), threw a lot of mails, rewrite nice CD with Makarevich music, write that crappy LJ post and lot of other crapy staff and still remain human after all:))
Looks like the rest of 3 days i will spend watching one dot, to destroy kefire, eat nice and tasty staff and make nothing-doing...:))
Isn't life amazing?
Current Mood: energetic
Current Music: All turns passing close to limit, beleiving then there is no limit at all
8:49 pm



29th April 2005

3:24pm: Hapiness exists!
To drink is hapiness too:)) (there is wordsplay, in russiaqn to eat and to exist sound same) especially kefir and ryajenka (kind of kefir) :))
Now i have box of that under table...
that is why i like corporative trips to Metro(shop)))
Current Mood: energetic
Current Music: arabic song
Thursday, April 10th, 2008
1:21 am
5:14pm: Yahooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They all left! All! Ever! Who where! No frinds, no relatives, no students! NO-BO-DY! Yahoooooo:)))! Daaaaaaaa! Life is beautiful! Celebrate newzelandian green shoes!!! LOL! Yahooooo!!!

Nope, i am not fan of being alone etc, BUT...

I hae 4 days of ABSOLUTELY FREE TIME! Means:

I will prepare to camping in advance! THat's first!
Second! I will finally paint something big!(SHower cabin or warderope)
Three! I will rollerblade around Msc without students! For me!
I will repair/break my sintesator! That is 4!
Five! I will finally decide for wetsuit i wanna have and after May's i will come in Neopro to order one!
Sixth i will throw a lot of rubbish from home(I hate unreasonable staff)!
And i will finally reach our dirty, green lake where scary-giant-monster-fishes-braineaters live (not so scary for me...:) SUre i am going to swim:))) or perhaps freedive, Which is enjoyable too! And that is seven!
Current Mood: YAHOooooo mood!
1:11 am

28th April 2005

3:29pm: Yaaaaaaawn...
Yesterday i didnt go for work. Was sick...(themperature, nose flow and lost voice search and recovery:)))
I expected to sleep well during the night then was activelly working all day (What else should i do not to fall asleep:)) I worked well and was tired well...

I hate unexpected guests! In fact i like them, but not at 11 PM... I really understand, then the waork during the day, and Zhu really miss them but that is NOT REASON TILL 4 AM NOT TO LET ME SLEEP :(((

I am ready to forgive anything - even broken chair or annoyed cat, eaten, thrown and left everywhere ood and kicked tv, collection of empty glass bottles under my tble, but sleeping... For me sleeping is saint! ANd if someone wanna be cilled by being cutted on sliced and hanged up on dirty wall, sure, they can try no to let me sleep :)))) If they will repeat that, they will know how kan i be angry and bad

THe're f*ckin bastards..:)))
Current Mood: sleepy
Current Music: Nо music please :))
12:52 am

5:35pm: Will i ever be back? I want, i really want to return...There...
I drooped... I left...
There's water in front, field behind and hill in the middle. Stone is on top of hill, tent is near. Little fireplace, i am sitting close, eating porridge with meat. I listen... Sometimes i draw...
During the day i am looking at water, at night i walk in forest... I mainly dont swin at night, more looking, mainly - above... Day begun in water... I swim to island to walk there... I can see boats and hostell from there... And there's monastry i can see rom hill... 2 hours to swim against current on boat... Then back... No energy to swim, Niether to think... Smell of fire, music... I'm anyway too tired to talk...
Morning... I go to tower... To gates... Try to climb up... Scary without securing... But best view is from there... I try to fing my tree. It's cutten away...
I walk on shore and try to recognise known faces... Sergaich is left, Igor broke up, no more teaching, sisters left to the city, noone seen Petr for a year, they found an empty boat... He didnt leae. He couldnt, didnt want?
No faces to recognise, places only... Same smell as always. Wet, calm... Scary... Scarier in the city.

Will i ever be back?

All's fine... Nothing happends... NOthing. Time passes too slowly to be recorded i memory...
WHich animal will my ear catch? Fish will splash in the water, or bird above lagoon will call, remindidng about herself... Sun is tired to heat... Dinner and bed time...
No food left... THen will eat in hostell... One more night... One.
Time to go home... Where? Am i not home? Am i home? No... Noone's there... I will leave too...

Will i ever be back? I want, I really want to return...There...

I can not sleep... I lost. I lost all. Place, People, time, myself... Myself?
Heavy... HEavy to sleep... inal night i spend in water...
Sick... TIred... I see there's no reason to delay my leave anylonger. i call... But drop off when i hear voices. That's fine. They understand, call back...
I still have few hours of MY time... Empty time.
They arrived. I fall asleep in car to wake up in the morning absolutely satisfied...

Will i ever be back? I want, I really want to return...There, where water in in ront and ield behing and hill in the middle...
Current Mood: hopeful
Current Music: We walk again ...
12:44 am



27th April 2005

4:44pm: Poor she...
My ofice is in the building where there's lot of different staff...
There we have clothes factory, paints distributors, advertizers exist there, few printing houses, even Night Shift-2 (film) was partially recorded in our factory building:)) But we have no swimming pool.

I have bad habit - i wash my hair in hands rinse tank which is close to office :(
Normally i return in office with wet hair and towel on shoulder:)
People often ask - where i am comming from? :) Sure, i am jokingly answering then from pool:))

One day i am taking my towel to do my bad thing and oe girl with shining face asks if she can go with me... She already have asked everybody where that pool is and run around all our factory building to find it. Some people now talk then there is pool there but only used by managers...Heh, that was just a joke...And poor blondy believed me..
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Current Music: COuntry
Thursday, March 27th, 2008
4:30 pm

3:33pm: Ohhh!
There is nothing more wierd then enpty bad sipped from inside.
Current Mood: creative
4:23 pm
26th April 2005

26th April 2005


: ...hands...
Every morning i go to work in the straightest way. Then i cross two borders, not so high ones.
For tha i run towards border, put two hands on it, jump and make kind of wheel in air, then i land on other side of border.
Normally i land very well, except today - both times - not so good:)))
Jumpling oer first one i covered ground around with all what was in my pockets. Mobile fell down close of big kaka.
Lucky me :)))
Jumping over second one was with zipped pockets and without and accidents, but it was PAINTED :)))
Now i have green hands :)
Current Mood: artistic
4:04 pm
25th April 2005

25th April 2005


the  "PAINT HUMAN" or "DESTROY BASTARD"  game (depend on how do you like to call it:)))
yesterday first time in my life i played paintball:)))

All begun with the fact i was late :) I sent sms to Pasha then i will be late for 10 min but he was 30 min late then :)))
THen we tried to find moved bus station and shop which is open(Verba Sunday - all was closed...)
THen there was looong walk on dirty wet ground and climbing up to hill:) NOw i know where they should make Russin Extream TV show:)))

Long walk made tired two gamers and threw up their game mood...
Then they capitulaated without fighting and stayed on safety zone to grill meat:))
That time we listened instrouctage and started first game...For me it was short game, on 5th minute i received paintball ball on nose:))) (O Grat Protective MAsk thank you to save my face as it is:))) Taste of green ball i didnt like and protected myself better then... I was running a lot then no matter for weather  it was sweating:)))alo i had to lay on ground a lot in other game...:))

In the beginning i wasnt sure if i like the game or not but on secon hour balls flying above head started to be normally accepted and i adoptated to deep dirt and water edges :))

The most exciting was long couple running ride around all gamezone which ended with big shouting from VERY deep and dirty hole in ground. When i was back home and removed camouflage it reamined staying :)

THe end of the day was glintwain drinking which was so good and in time warming up then i decided to forget about my allergy for a bit :)

I am very peacefull and kind human then i was surprised how much i enjoued the game. Nice was tro throw away energy and to have un. All next week i will be calm as wood... :)

That is something to repeat...

PS: After when i was in subway between coloumns i was kind of worried not to have gun cause on last game zone we had exactly the same coloumns. Hmm :))
Current Mood: happy

Sunday, March 16th, 2008
8:31 pm

: Soft, black, rolled....
I went in office, Worked well... Left, rollerbladed a bit, arrived back and found near wall something black, soft and rolled in high tall rolls...
Strange smell i well know... hmm, why there...
NEOPRENE...1 mm... Why do we need rolled neoprene in ofice??? To warm up the walls???
Asked managers. Now we work with neoprene too... i start to have strange ideas...:)))
Current Mood: artistic
Current Music: George Benson
Friday, January 18th, 2008
10:31 pm
22nd aprilhttp://users.livejournal.com/_nupie_/5160.html

I hate that giant steapler!!!!! =)))
Hmm.. Is there any connection between the fact my hand is bloody tired and the fact i was working for 3 hours on giant steapler to stich he books?
10:20 pm
22nd April


2:43pm: Camuoflage and pencil...

Today i was trying my new summer navy uniform(for paintball)... That reminded me how once i nearly went in army =) Was laughing a lot...
AFter i went to look in mirrow - was shocked for a while... =) Yeah, short hair makes it's work =))
I have taken form undertable old grandpa's watertank, helmett(modern one)... Scared my mom... She was so shocked that threw at me palette =) Home made paintball =) Now i anm thinking what to add on that uniform. Probably will write something scary on back=)))

After i had to wash my biege rat from blue paint that fell on her from mama's pelette tha she threw at me when shocked=) I should bring her at work - safer there...

AFter one girl called me and told bad news, i was angry and kicked warderope, then little piece of pencil fell out. That surprised me a lot, cause pencils in my life are one of rare things that i try to keep in order (like any artist =))) I was looking on that pencil for a while and finally had strange idea. I licked that pencil and realised it is what i was thinking - chemical pencil (very vintage story)

Yaaaam... Going in bed...
Current Mood: tired
Current Music: city...
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