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25th April 2005

25th April 2005

the  "PAINT HUMAN" or "DESTROY BASTARD"  game (depend on how do you like to call it:)))
yesterday first time in my life i played paintball:)))

All begun with the fact i was late :) I sent sms to Pasha then i will be late for 10 min but he was 30 min late then :)))
THen we tried to find moved bus station and shop which is open(Verba Sunday - all was closed...)
THen there was looong walk on dirty wet ground and climbing up to hill:) NOw i know where they should make Russin Extream TV show:)))

Long walk made tired two gamers and threw up their game mood...
Then they capitulaated without fighting and stayed on safety zone to grill meat:))
That time we listened instrouctage and started first game...For me it was short game, on 5th minute i received paintball ball on nose:))) (O Grat Protective MAsk thank you to save my face as it is:))) Taste of green ball i didnt like and protected myself better then... I was running a lot then no matter for weather  it was sweating:)))alo i had to lay on ground a lot in other game...:))

In the beginning i wasnt sure if i like the game or not but on secon hour balls flying above head started to be normally accepted and i adoptated to deep dirt and water edges :))

The most exciting was long couple running ride around all gamezone which ended with big shouting from VERY deep and dirty hole in ground. When i was back home and removed camouflage it reamined staying :)

THe end of the day was glintwain drinking which was so good and in time warming up then i decided to forget about my allergy for a bit :)

I am very peacefull and kind human then i was surprised how much i enjoued the game. Nice was tro throw away energy and to have un. All next week i will be calm as wood... :)

That is something to repeat...

PS: After when i was in subway between coloumns i was kind of worried not to have gun cause on last game zone we had exactly the same coloumns. Hmm :))
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